Why Visit India

Why Travel To Incredible India

Taking a break from the routine work of life and visiting other places are essential activities for revitalizing the mind and body to increase the working efficiency. A good sight evokes pleasant feeling and emotions Therefore, a visitor’s eyes always search for something not-seen-earlier, unique and one-of-its-kind, related to history, culture, art, architecture, nature, wild life, topography and bio-diversity. India, a sub-continent in Asia, second highest populated country in the world has everything in store to satiate every visitor’s eyes.

Every eye is instinctively attracted towards something that exhibits wondrous attributes in some kind or other. India has the privilege of showcasing one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Tajmahal. This ionic symbol answers in short to the FAQ, “Why visit India”. It tops the World heritage Site and symbolizes the highest degree of matrimonial love and attachment. The Mughal emperor, Shah Jehan built this wondrous monument in memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal. Visitors enjoy its architectural uniqueness in the shape of perfect symmetry of the structure, the white marble and artistic skill in lapidary, intricate cravings and calligraphy.

The mountains of the Himalayan range please the visitors’ eyes in a number of ways. Nature has showered all its bounties on the Himalayas. The lushness of meadows, the noisy sounds of the waterfalls, the murmuring sounds of the brooks and streams, the panoramic views of the landscape pay back every penny of the visitors and make their visit to India ever memorable for them.

Ladakh, also known as Greater Himalayas is showcases the rare view of highest passes of the world that could be travelled by motors. The thrill and excitement of passing through this natural ‘Security Guard’ of India speaks for oneself,” why to visit India”. Pangong Tso Lake provides scintillating views to the visitors. A visitor trying to find oasis in India can find any or the entire hill stations located in North India, such as Shimla, Dalhousie, Mussories, Ranikhet, Kullu and Manali.

One of the best answers to the FAQ, “Why Visit India” is its unity in diversity. India is house to every religion. Hinduism is the most ancient religion or Sanatana Dharma that is characterized by spirituality, rituals and traditions that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Visitors would be amazed to find the people with diverse religious faiths living with utmost harmony in India. Every state in India has its own language, culture and tradition. The federal structure and democratic values practiced here provide ample interest to visitors having academic and cultural interest.

Rich bio-diversity is another aspect that makes millions of tourists around the world to visit India. The abundance and varieties of flora and fauna have special attraction for the visitors. There are a number of national parks in India that provide protection to wild life in India. With wide ranges of species of domestic and migratory birds, India is a must-to-be visited place for bird watchers.

Architectural Heritage, Ayurveda & Spa, meditation through Yoga, spirituality and above all, the hospitality of India makes it a place sought after by every international tourist.