Wellness – Yoga Ayurveda in India

Vacations are intended to get vacated from the routine ways of life. Body and mind require relaxation for maintaining their working efficiency. But vacations are mostly not utilized properly. Vacationers spend time visiting a number of places for sight-seeing and make vacations more hectic than the routine life. Some resort to worse activities such as drinking more than usual, thus inviting deterioration to health. As a result, they return back home, more exhausted and physically deteriorated than when they commenced their vacation. Hence, emerges the concept of Wellness Vacation.

Wellness Vacation is all about relaxing bodies and minds and learning of simple techniques for fighting the usual stress and strain of life. The process of living life is an art that needs a systematic and well-planned approach. Vacation is the best opportunity to learn this special art of living and Wellness-Yoga Ayurveda is the perfect destination for the same.

Skin, muscles and nerves are the sensitive and essential parts of body that play important roles in working efficiency, both physical and mental. They get exhausted by constant use for the routine work. Ayurvedic massages rejuvenate them and make them perfect and active. Any physical disorder needs to be treated by Ayurveda that is considered the most ancient medicinal means of treating physical ailments.

Wellness Vacation aims at spending time in a natural environment. Nature is the best doctor for all kinds of treatment and works miraculously on mental activities. It energizes and revitalizes mind that is the center of all human activities. Air or ‘Prana’ is the best gift of nature to man that provides oxygen to the body cells and keeps them alive. Therefore, life could be bettered by inhaling and exhaling air in a controlled and systematic manner. This scientific means of breathing could be performed best by ‘Yogic Pranayam’ that is an essential element of Wellness Vacation.

More people die of unbalanced eating than of not eating. Therefore, balanced food adds to the longevity and ensures healthy body and a peaceful mind. Ayurvedic food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and roots invigorate the digestive system and drive way a number of fatal diseases such as blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases. These vital organs of body could be smoothened further by walking in the surrounding forests. Wellness Vacation is all about these advantages to be availed by every vacationer intending for the best utilization of their vacations.

There are a number of other diseases related to stress that distort normal and healthy livings. These are spondylitis, blurred vision, pain in the lower back, carpal tunnel syndrome, sleep disorders, indigestion, head ache and hair loss. Vacation should be utilized to achieve wellness by overcoming these diseases. This needs participation in a well-chalked out programs by the professionals in the field of human wellness.

Yoga Ayurveda has the distinction of having no side effects. Participation in a Wellness Vacation program may be for a short period, but it has a long term effect on the overall well being of a person. It provides nourishment to body, revitalizes the nervous system, ensures sound sleep, evokes awareness and augments overall working efficiency.