Keep Calm And Let’s Travel

Why travel?

Life is meant to ‘Live-n-enjoy’. It’s not just a bit of matter to be glued to the mundane activities of day to day life. Change is the law of nature and is essential in human life. A static life becomes monotonous and mechanized. Man gets so thoroughly lost in the pursuit of material prosperity that he misses the golden opportunity of looking into his inner self. Travel eases out in finding the inner self.

A lot have been written and spoken on freedom and independence. But, is an individual free from his or her inner bondage that manifests in the shape of ‘attachment’ for ‘what is mine’? These so called ‘my’ and ‘mines’ are the greatest barriers for individual freedom which is the birth right of every living being. The very zest of life gets lost without freedom. Travel eases enjoying the individual freedom.

The old adage ‘Home sweet Home’ is universally and perennially true. But this adage loses its value and truth in the modern day complexities of living. One experiences bitter experiences at home after consistent living in the same environment. As a result, personal and matrimonial relationships get strained and life becomes really tedious and bitter. Travel eases in realizing the value of home.

A child gains knowledge through its curiosity and inquisitiveness. Even though grown-up, a child within every individual always subsists. The childlike simplicity, innocence and playfulness are the traits that every one yearns to experience. But the busy schedules of life do not permit for it and the grownups have forgotten what it is like to be a child. Travel eases in observing that playful child within.

‘Man is a social animal’ and gets the highest pleasure and satisfaction in getting socialized. Getting socialized and interacting with the same people in the same environment becomes dull and lifeless. Meeting new people in new environment rejuvenates life and fuels it for a more dynamic life. Travel eases in meeting new people.

‘Observing and absorbing’ is the best and the easiest way to find out a shift in personality such as greater kindness, emotional stability, acceptability by others, frankness, hospitability and amicability. Exposure to wider and newer social environments widens the outlooks, thoughts and attitudes. Travel eases in making shifts in personality.

Happiness comes from within if one knows how live by one’s own self. When left alone in an alien environment, one learns to live better by oneself. Travel eases in developing a smarter and self-dependent personality.

Materialism and spiritualism are but two sides of the same coin of ‘human life’. Life is not matter alone. The other dimension is spiritual that includes higher values such as peace, love, joy, beauty, unlimited knowledge and the capacity to understand both mind and matter. Travel eases in spiritualizing life.