Wayanad – The Wondrous World of Wildlife

Work is worship, say the wise. But, it is a common day experience that all work and no wreak weigh heavily on life. Rejuvenation of energy is an essential element of life for efficient working. This calls for going away from the daily humdrum and go to a place where thousands of pelicans spend leisurely days floating from one end of a lake to the other. Herons, storks, flamingoes, and egrets fish in the marshes there. A closer view of the king of jungle can be had at the Waynanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga in Kerala.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over a total area of 345 kilometers. A day spent in this wondrous land of wildlife refreshes the mind and rekindles the soul. Watching wildlife in their natural environment and postures is an exhilarating and memorable experience. Chances are there to have a closer look of a herd of elephants playfully bathing in a stream or a mother elephant suckling her café. And if you are fortunate, you will come face to face with the king of the jungles and enjoy its grandeur and majesty. There may be scenes like ducks supervising the tiny, fluffy ducklings or a flashy kingfisher perching on a stake, scanning the water for fingerlings.

ranges lie on the Western Ghats. Its highest peak is Chembra, situated at an altitude of 6,900 feet above the mean sea level. The Nilgiri Hills and Vellarimara lie adjacent to the Wayanad Hills. Adventure lovers would find it exciting and draining of their adrenaline by trekking onto the Chembra Peak from where they can watch the whole physical entity of Wayanad. Three districts of Kerala, namely, Kozzhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiri can be viewed from the Chembra Peak. A heart-shaped lake adorns the peak that is considered the haven for bird watchers.

Bansura Sagar Dam is the main attraction for tourists visiting Wayanad. The dam is constructed over the river Kabani, a tributary of the river Karamanthodu. Picnickers and trekkers find the adjoining areas of the dam, most ideal for an exhilarating experience. Some high altitude sub-merged areas stand as islands inside the reservoir of the dam. Tourists visit these islands by boats and rafters and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the landscape, with water all around.

Kunuva Island is a gift of nature that spreads over an area of 950acres. Situated on the river Kabani, the island is surrounded by evergreen forest. A number of rare birds could be spotted there. A guided tour to this natural island opens every worth seeing locations.

The Kanthanpara waterfall is an important site for visitors to Wayanad. Waterfall falls from a height of 30 meters creating silvery cascading views for the nature lovers. The bamboo forests add to the beauty of the landscape. Besides enjoying the falling of water, tourists can trek onto the top of the hill from where water emerges. Even children and novices too can reach there with ease.

Other locations of tourists’ interest around Waywanad are Edakkal cave, Tomb of Veer Pazhassi Raja and Pulpally cave adjacent to the tomb.

A planned way to Wayanad weaves numerous memoirs in the minds of the visitors that psychologically penetrating and spiritually refreshing.