Shimla – The Abundance of the Beauty of Nature

It has aptly been said by St Augustine of Hippo that all nature is good. The wilderness of nature engulfs man to such an extent that he gets lost in it. At the same time, nature itself to be consumed and enjoyed by man. Nature is the best tonic to keep body and mind healthy to work with their full vigor. John Milton has described beauty as nature’s coin that must be hoarded, but it must be current to yield its value. Shimla, in the state of Himachal Pradesh is a magnificent hill station that provides the abundance of beauty of nature.

Located at an altitude of 2.200 meters, Shimla is an ideal tourist destination for vacationers, honeymooners, nature lovers. Encompassed by snow-capped mountains, tourists can feel the touch of Victorian style at every nook and corner of the erstwhile colonial city. Tourists’ destination in this region are Chail, Arki, Kufri,Mashobra, Shoghi, Salogra, Barog an Solan.

Those having interest in History and culture will find their visit to the Arki Fort, built by Rana Prihvi Singh and stands as a mute witness to the valor of the Gorkhas who fought against the British. For a yet more memorable experience, visitors can stay in the heritage hotel, to which the fort has presently been transformed into. The artistic and aesthetic excellence of the Baghai rulers could be better visualized by visiting the Arki Palace, standing at the backdrop of a hill. The Nalagarh Palace and Chail Palace too are converted into heritage hotels where visitors prefer to stay experience the pleasure of royal living.

Nature lovers and adventure admirers will be greatly elated to trek onto the peak of Naldehra Shally Peak at Shimla . Yet another option for having a new experience is to reach the peak by riding on a pony. The Himalayan National Park houses wide ranges of mammals, reptiles and birds; the musk deer and snow leopard having special attraction for visitors. The Chail Sanctuary and Majathal Sanctuary are a safe and secured natural habitat for wild life which the tourists would never like to miss to see. Gorals and wild goats are the main attractions there.

Church, Gurudwara and Temples have equal significance at Shimla providing opportunities to perform religious activities by visitors of different religions. The clock of the Christ Church, as old as 153 years old attracts attention from a long distance. The Gurudwara Sahib at Chail, located on the Pandhwa hillocks is a pilgrimage for the Sikhs. Temples include the Hanuman Temple at Shoghi and Jhakhu,Kali Temple at Shoghi, Luturu Mahadev Temple at Arki, Mahakali Temple, Mahunag Temple at Naldehra and Sidh Baba Ka Mandir at Chail.

Visiting tourist destinations at Shimla, riding on horse is a fascinating as well as exclusive experience for tourists. The topography does not permit vehicular movement, making it a must to move on horse.Skiing, trekking, golf course at Naldehra and toy train are other attractions for tourists.

Tourists will enjoy their visits to Shimla either during the Christmas or during the Shimla Summer Festival organized by the government to showcase the culture and traditions of the Himalayan states.