Patnitop- A Place for Picnic, Paragliding and Pony Riding

Human life is an admixture of struggle, striving, sorrow and suffering. During the sojourn on this earth, man is so deeply engrossed in his mundane activities that he hardly has time to enjoy life. Only earning does not fulfill the purpose of human life which Gad has designed so delicately and precisely. At the same time, in order to see man really happy, God has earmarked certain locations on the earth which can be visited to get a break in routine life. Patnitop, a small hill station town in Jammu provides special facilities for enjoying life.

Pleasure increases by sharing with others. Going to picnic with family and friends is one such event that affords the experience of ‘sharing of pleasure’. This pleasure will go many-fold if the picnic is conducted at the earmarked picnic spots in Patnitop. Life without adventure becomes dull and monotonous. The more adventurous an activity is, the more enjoyable it becomes. Paragliding is one such activity that thrills the performers and becomes memorable event of life. Pony riding is an unusual experience that one can get by visiting Panitop.

Patnitop is located at a distance of 112 km from Jammu, at a height of 2024 meters above sea level. The thickly grown pine forest provides an ambience of tranquility, serenity and isolation. In fact, these are the most scare features in the maddening and busy modern life. Walking a few km amidst the deep pine forest evokes a feeling of self-contentment and a realization of pleasure, deep inside. Happiness lies within gets manifested under truly natural environment.

The whiteness and coolness of snow is the nature’s best gift for providing pacification and poise to a mind that has been overstrained and overburdened with the complex realities of life. During winter, Patnitop gets adorned with snow and provides amenable environment to the visitors for finding everything that a hill station provides.

Other attractions for tourists include the facilities for skiing and golfing, camping, and fresh water springs that have medicinal effects. Trekking on the mountain is one the most attractive activities for the tourists to Patnitop. Those interested for acquiring advanced skill and knowledge in adventure can avail amateur ski course. One can feel excited to visit Shiva Garh and can also offer prayer to Lord Shiva at the Sudh Mahadev Temple.

Those interested in riding ponies can avail the facility at the Padora meadows. Nathatop is another favorite excursion spot. The Naag Temple could be reached by riding on the pony, downhill, for 15 minutes, at Padora. The panoramic view of Kud valley could be enjoyed from the Nag Temple. Those going for darhan of Maata Vaishno Devi prefer to pay a visit to Patnitop. For paragliding and golf course, one can visit Sansaris, 19 km away from Patnitop. Kud is famous for sweets. The wedding venue of goddess Parvati and Mahadev could be witnessed at Mantalai Temple.

Nature provides ample opportunities to man for getting the real pleasure of life, be it picnicking, paragliding or pony riding. But, it is for man to make time his busy schedule to visit the right location for the same Patnitop.