Pachmarhi – The Magnificent Exposition of Nature

Nature is the greatest of all teachers. It inspires and motivates human beings to understand the true value of life and enjoy it to its fullest extent. Most of the problems of the modern age emerge because men have no time to stand and stare at the magnificence of nature. Learning and caring for nature have become a matter of obsolescence. Man will be showered with divine bliss if he can make time to listen to the chirping of the birds at dawn and observe the meandering flow of the murmuring river. A plunge into the holy water and a stroll in the deep forest has magical power of healing the exhaustion of mind and body.

Pachmarhi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh is a hill station amidst the Satpura range. Nature is at its exuberance in this large terrain. It is shaped like a saucer and is situated at an altitude of 1 was later developed as a hill station. Deeply thicketed forest, cascading waterfalls, plunging canyons, rocky hills, chattering brooks and murmuring rivers are the hall marks of Pachmarhi. Diverse wild life, orchards, dense forest and the bamboo thicket add to the worth of all these attractive features.

Pachmarhi links two reserve forests and Satpura National Park to form a larger conservation of wild life. A number of caves sprawling over Pachmarhi are believed to be more than 10,000 years old. The cave paintings throw light on the ancient civilization and the artistic and aesthetic skill of the ancient people.

A number of places of attraction for visitors have made Pachmari, a haven for visitors by signifying the historical, natural, topographical, architectural and artistic importance of Pachmarhi. Priyadarshini or Forsyth Point is a viewing point atop the hill to enjoy the magnificence of nature. It provides facilities for bathing above the fall. Handi Khoh is a ravine with 300 feet high precipice and steep sides. Rajat Prapat or Silver Fall could be reached by walking for ten minutes. Jalawataran or Duchess Falls requires 4 km of trekking to reach there.

Apsar Vihar or Fairy Pool is an ideal place for picnic. At Irene Pool, one can seat the track of water flowing upstream to a cave through which the stream goes underground and thereafter, flowing to a kund through a series of falls. Sunder Kund or Saunder’s Pool, a large rocky pool, provides facilities for bathing.

Mahadeo hill is a holy place for devotees of Lord Shiva. A shrine, with an idol of Lord Shiva and a Shivalinga satiates the religious fervor of visitors. There is cave near the shrine that provides shelter to the visitors. Chhota Mahadeo is a narrow point in the valley. Other places that could be visited at Pachmarhi are Chauragarh, a hill top and Jata Shankar cave. Both the places enshrine Lord Shiva.

Other important places for visiting are Pandav Caves, Tridhara or Picadily Circus, Vanshree Vihar or Pansy Pool, Reechhhgarh, Sangam or Fuller’s Khud, Catholic Church, and Christ Church. All these combined together have place Pachmarhi on the World Traveller’s map.