Orchha – The Erstwhile Kingdom of Bundela Rajput

Time is merciless and has no attachment for any one, be he a beggar or a king. History embodies every word of time spoken about the past deeds of valor and courage of great persons. History gets frozen in time. Besides reading history in books, one can witness the real place and monuments and structures that stand mute witness to these heroic deeds. Orchha is a historical town in Tikamgarh district in the state of Madhya Pradesh that has many ‘hidden’ messages for visitors.

The chieftain of Bundela Rajput clan, Rudra Praap, was responsible in founding the royal habitat and its surrounding places, in the 16th century. It is situated on an artificial island. Orchha means a hidden place. In fact, Orchha has a multitude of hidden treasures of historical grandeur and natural beauty for the visitors.

Jehangir Mahal was constructed in honor of the Mughal emperor, Jehangir. The delicate chhatris and trellis work exhibit the architectural richness of the place Raj Mahal was constructed by Madhukar Shah. The interior of the palace exhibits rich wall paintings or murals with colors that depict different religious themes. Good travel guides can better explain the contents and meaning of the themes.

The Chandrasekhar Azad Sahid Smarak stands exemplary of the loyalty and sacrifice for the sake of one’s country. People pay visit to this sacred place to pay homage to the great freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for the sake of his country.

The religious center of Orchha is Ram Raja Temple enshrined with Lord Shri Ram as its presiding deity. The exterior of the temple is a magnificent combination of pink and yellow colors. The courtyard has been nicely marbled that adds to the external grandeur of the temple. Chaturbhuj Temple stands on a stone platform and enshrines Lord Rama.

Phulbagh shows rows of fountains and an underground palace acted as the summer resort of the Bundela kings. The Chandan Katora, a bowl-shaped structure has been fitted with fountains through which trickled droplets of water to the roof and simulated the rainfall.

A small palace Sunder Mahal is a pilgrimage for Muslims. Cenotaphs are monuments built in honor of someone buried elsewhere. Such memorials are called Chhatris There are 14 Chhatris of the Orchha rulers sprawled along the Kanchan Ghat of the river Betwa. The roof of the Chhatris is the best places for having a view of the river and the nature surrounding it.

Orchha has extreme climatic situation. During the summer, the mercury rises up to 48 degree Celsius and during the winter, it goes down to 9 degree Celsius. Those having interest in festivities may visit Orchha is September to October during which Bastar-Dussera is celebrated in Ochhra in much pomp and ceremony. However, the period during October to March is the best time for visiting Orchha and makes the best of the visit made.

Historical places find a significant place in the itinerary of any kind of visitor, because it reminds the heroic deeds of the ancestors their contribution to the contemporary art, painting and culture. In this perspective, Orchha affords everything that a visitor craves to see and enjoy.