Ooty – Tourist Haven for Tea, Truth, Tranquility and Beauty

The ‘self’ of a human being is an embodiment of Satyam, Shivam and Sunderam. Satyam or truth remains at the same state irrespective of the elements of time and space. Shivam symbolizes serenity, graciousness. Sundaram stands for beauty. Beauty can abundantly found in nature One has to go out to the there to experience the real effect of beauty.

Looking at beautiful scenery, the outer eyes are shut because the viewer gets lost in the ocean of beauty. Beauty thrills the inner self and wakes up the consciousness. Beauty can create an ecstasy, drawing into a state of meditation which denotes complete relaxation for mind. It connects the external being with the divinity within.

The admirers of nature can find this ambience of realization of beauty in the abundance of nature in Ooty, a prominent hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the capital of Nilgiri district and is the most favored pot for shooting of romantic scenes in Indian movies. Film directors of any Indian language choose Ooty as their first place for shooting. Therefore, Ooty attracts attention of visitors who could visualize their matinee idols, on real life situation of natural surroundings.

The Annual Tea-Tourism Festival provides opportunity for the people to have a glance of the Blue Mountain, rich with its tea growing gardens. During their sojourn at Ooty, visitors can avail the opportunity of witnessing a number of places important for their historical, natural and cultural background.

Raj Bhawan stands on the ridge of the western slope, 3 km away from Ooty town. Visitors can reach the Botanical Garden by travelling 2 km from. The panoramic view of Ooty Lake could be enjoyed by travelling 3 km. which was created artificially during 1823- 25 by constructing a dam over the mountain streams.

Other places of interest in Ooty are Kalhatty Waterfalls, Ketty Valley View, Mukurthi Peak and National Park, Mudmalai Wildlife Sanctuary Rose Garden, Glenmorgan, Pykara Boat House.

There are a number of festivities that attract visitors to Ooty. Pongal festival, celebrated during mid of January is dedicated to the Sun God. Aadi Peruku, the festival of river is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month. Annual Festival is celebrated on the day day of Pushya.

There are earmarked shooting spots that keep the visitors enthralled because they are surrounded by mountains and deep forests. These are the 6th Mile Shooting Spot and the 9th Mile Shooting Spot, otherwise known as Shooting Medu. For those intending to enjoy their tour with family can enjoy these spots by having picnic.

Ooty is famous for Hindutan Photo Film (HPF), a public sector undertaking that produces roll films, X-ray films, Laser recording films, CAT film.

Tourists would be amazed to see the tree gardens the places of tea plantation in India that are very few and limited. Besides tea, tourists find Ooty as the best place for experiencing the three basic element of the self. For perceiving truth or beauty in creation, calmness of Ooty is essential.