Mumbai – The city of Movie, Music and Magic

Life is good only when it is magical and musical. Music is featured with a constant, invisible and ever-changing reality that determines all human action and perception. This shapes our destiny and explains why seemingly inexplicable things happen to us. Magic denotes delusion. Movie denotes deliberate acceptance of fallacy with regard to action, emotion, mystery, love violence and drama. Mumbai, the most vibrant city in the west coast of Maharashtra embodies all these features.

Mumbai, the erstwhile Bombay, is the island city that was named as Bom Bahia by the Portuguese meaning ‘Beautiful Bay’. In 1995, it was renamed as Mumbai, after the name of a local Hindu goddess, Mumba and Aai, meaning mother. Mumbai is the busiest commercial hub of India and a major port city, with the amalgamation og many a cultures. Because of better employment prospects and commercial facilities, migration from the adjoining states is a common feature. Due to large economic disparity, Mumbai is house to the largest slum population in India.

Mumbai has the reputation of being a cosmopolitan city that tolerates every religion, community, culture and nationality. Hometown of Bollywood, Mumbai is visitor’s haven because of it amalgamation of festivities, religion, movies, music, magic, theaters. Nightlife in Mumbai is most enjoyable for visitors of every taste and fervor.

“Ganapatti Baaba Moria” is the religious recital by every Mumbaikar, during the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi that is celebrated in Mumbai with much grandeur and enthusiasm. Other Hindu festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Maha Shiva Raatri, Durag Puja are celebrated with much pomp ceremony. Similarly, Good Friday, Christmas Day, Mother Mary Day on 8th September is other the festive occasions when visitors with faith on Christianity can enjoy their stay in Mumbai. Celebration of Eid and Muharram are celebrated with same enthusiasm.

Ever-awakened, vibrant and dynamic Mumbai draws people having dreams of doing something worth in life. Liberalization and modernization has changed this ever growing Mumbai that was presented to King Charles in 1661 when he married the Portuguese princess Catherine de Braganza. Mumbai symbolizes the ever-changing face of India today. Mumbai is a shopper’s delight. The multi-culinary delicacies, pau bhajji and bhel puri and kababs afford a special taste flavor of their own. Sporting activities, nightclubs, pubs, beaches, cinema halls and restaurants cater to the romantic and adventurous fervor of the visitors.

The Gate Way of India and the adjacent Grand Hotel stands majestically on the Arabian Sea, where the visitors could enjoy the cool and soft breeze. The breathtaking sea shore at the heart of the city, connected with metro facilities keeps the visitors astounded and spell-bound. One can witness and experience the global identity of India that establishes ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The dual features of Mumbai afford a something; every visitor to Mumbai would like experience; poverty amidst abundance, modernity and novelty amidst the old and ancient, serenity amidst noise pollution and sobriety amidst arrogance and bullying.

Involvement in movie, music and magic provides a person with the required impetus for refreshing and revitalizing life by visiting vibrant and dynamic place like Mumbai.