Matheran – The Unadulterated Exposition of Nature

A proverb goes into say that Nature never breaks her own Laws. She hums the old well-known air through innumerable variation. But, man incessantly tries to change the very structure of nature, for his own prosperity. And in this effort, man feels it an essentiality of life to find ‘the old unknown air’ and get respite from the suffocated mundane life. Matheran, a hill station, in the Sahyadri hill range of Raigard district of Maharastra state provide the unadulterated exposition of nature.

Located at an altitude of 803 meter above sea level, Matheran ensures total peace and serenity because motor vehicles are banned from moving in this region. Visitors enjoy traveling on narrow gauge railway line that connects Matheran to Neral in the plains. Matheran is a plateau with a number of look out points that afford the opportunity of enjoying the panoramic views of lush greeneries of dense forest, waterfalls and lakes.

Post-monsoon period is the suitable time for visiting Matheran, when the nature is her full bloom and exposes to visitors, the need for getting respite from their busy schedules of life December to March is too chilly. Best period for visiting Matheran is during September to November and February to March.

One will get engulfed in the pristine beauty of nature if he views it from various angles and different point located at higher altitudes. Nature has been too benevolent to adorn 38 peak points on Matheran. Few of them worth mentioning are, Panorama Point, Echo Pint, Charilotte Lake, King George point and Loisa Point. Matheran has exclusive offerings for children in the shape of Paymaster Park and Panthers’ Cave. The multicolored lights of Mumbai city could be enjoyed, standing on Hart Point at Matheran.

Those having interest in History and Culture will find the Prabal Fort of great interest, although it is in a dilapidated condition. This fort stands mute witness to the courage and valor of Chhatrapati Shivajee who captured it from the Mughal emporer.

There are a number of other points, located at the side of Madhavji Road that adds to the pleasure of visitors who have interest in the unadulterated exposition of Nature. These are, Palasdari Point, Garbut Point Chowk Point, Rambaug Point and the downhill village of Borgaon. Charlotte Lake, also known as Sharlottt Lake provides ample facilities for picnic as well as religious visit to an old Pisarnath temple, located to the right of the lake.

Trekkers have treasures of adventure and pleasure at the One Tree Point or One Tree Hill. The unique feature of this point is that there stands a singular Jambul tree on the peak. A downward tread on the road known as Shivaji’ ladder provides a feeling of adventure and a reminder of History left behind by Chhhatrpati Shivajee Maharaj as this tepped ladder was used by Shvaji.

Despite every kind of exploitation of man on nature, there still stand a number of visitors’ locations that are unaffected and unadulterated by Nature. The higher one goes; the more thrilled he would be at the panoramic view of nature that would leave a permanent imprint on the minds of the visitors.