Manipur – The Floating Island of India

Confucius, the great Chinese traveler and philosopher said that everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. It needs an inner eye to see beauty that becomes a joy forever. The beauty in nature delights the mind because nature is the perfect and proportionate creation of the divinity. For this, one has to appreciate the divine goodness and cultivate the sense of beauty by traveling out. Manipur, a small state in the North-Eastern India cater to this need of a traveler.

Because of its environmental exposition and climatic compatibility, Manipur is compared with Switzerland. Manipur offers serene landscapes, exotic wildlife, floating islands, abundance of nature and sources of beauty. It is surrounded by Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam and is touched by the international border with Bhutan.

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island, located 48 km away from the capital city of Imphal, gives the view of an elevated hill in the center of Loktak Lake. This miniature island provides panoramic view that is added by floating weed that dot the blue freshwater. The place appeases to the tastes of visitors who are looking out for few days of adventurous outing, such as boating, canoeing, and other exciting water sports.

The matriarchal set up of Manipur could be witnessed in the Khwairamband Bazaar, otherwise known as Ema Keithel. It is the largest marketing venue in the country that is exclusively run and managed by Manipuri women. Visitors could buy the traditional Manipuri handlooms such as shawls, baskets, bags and handicrafts made of cane and bamboos.

For those crazy about foreign fashion accessories and tattoos will find the Gambhir Singh Shopping Complex a must to be visited place during their sojourn in Manipur. Tattoo artists, with their creativity satiate any kind of craze for tattoos

Visitors can find absolute tranquility at the War Cemetery that commemorates the courage and valor of Indian and British soldiers who died during the World War II. The names of the departed souls are engraved on the stone and bronze plaques.

A park floating on water may probably sound astonishing. But, the Keibul Lamjo National Park Lying on the fringes of the Loktak Lake showcases this unusual feature in reality. Distanced at 53 km from Imphal, this park is house to the rare and endemic brow-antlered deer known as Sangai.

Shri Govindjee Temple is a sacred place visit for the Vaisnavites. Standing adjacent to the palace of the former rulers of Manipur, this temple has twin domes a paved courtyard and a large and raised assembly hall.

One can reach to the border town Moreh, 110 km away from Imphal for getting electronic gadgets, clothes and home décor goods, at bargained rates. These goods give the satisfaction of possessing foreign items because they are made either in China or Myanmar. Other places of visit in Manipur are Paona Bazaar, Ukhrul, Singda, Manipur Zoological Garden, Moiranfg and Manipur Stawte Musuem.

A visit to Switzerland may be beyond the reach of a visitor due to constraints of time and treasure. But one can satiate this longing for Switzerland by availing an affordable travel package for Manipur.