Manali – The Snow-clad Abode of Peace Seekers

Amidst the busy schedules of modern life, peace can scarcely be availed. Everybody longs for getting happiness in life that does come merely through material possession. There is no happiness higher than peace. A true seeker of peace preserves the forces of nature in his physical, mental and spiritual arenas. Peace is a state of mind that usually comes from the external environment.

A place, far away from the maddening crowd, with soothing climate and abundance of nature is sure to provide that scarce phenomenon called ‘peace’. Manali, at the northern end of the Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the right spot for peace seeker. Manali is situated at a height of 6398 ft above sea level, on the bank of the holy Beas or Vyas River. It is a popular hill station, attracting visitors and honeymooners in the summer. It gets snow-clad in the winter.

Touching the cloud by hand would indeed be sensational as well a scarce experience. But one can find it at the Rohtang Pass that stands at an altitude of 13,050 ft above sea level. This pass could be reached on the Manali-Keylong road. A small lake called Dassaur Lake and the Beas Kund, the origin of Beas River add to the attraction of peace seeking visitors.

A bath in natural sulfurous water relieves from a number of diseases. Kolath Hot Water Spring, around 6.5 km downstream, provides this scarce opportunity. Vashist Hot Water Spring and a temple, around 3 km from Manali also provide natural springs with medicinal values. There are hotels that provide facilities for bathing with this medicinal water under the showers.

It would indeed be adventurous to trek for about 2 km from Vashist temple to reach the Jogini falls. More of adventures could be experienced in person or witnessed by going to Solang Valley, 13 km from Manali. It provides the thrilling experience of a ski lift of 300 meter. Adventurous activities such as paragliding and snorkeling add to the attraction of the visitors.

While climbing up the Rohtang Pass, two waterfalls namely, Rahala waterfalls and Rozy Falls provide amazing views that leave a long imprint on the minds of the visitors. Zana Falls is 15 km away from Manali

Buddhist monasteries, known as Gompas are sprawled over Manali. The Old Manali, 3 km northwest of Manali is a popular site for visitors for witnessing its orchards and old guesthouses. The name Manal is derived from Manu, the legendary lawmaker.

Manali is house to a number of Hindu temples. Hidimba (the Demon spouse of Bhima) is losted in an ancient cave and is surrounded by a cedar forest, known as Dhungri Van Vihar. Maa Shavitri Temple enshrines goddess Durga.

Nagar Castle has historical importance, located 20km away from Manali, below the Beas valley, having Bijli Mahadev temple. Trekking for about half an hour amidst the deodar and pine forest one can reach the Krishna Temple at Thava. Kothi village, Nehru Kund is other sites to be visited.

Nature has abundance to offer to human beings who are truly in search of peace and the right choice is the Manali in the valley Kullu.