Kullu – The valley of God

“Nature herself has imprinted on the minds of all the ideas of God” told Marcus Tullus Cicero. The omnipresent God has His presence everywhere. But He has a special affinity to pay frequent visit to mountain and valleys for getting relaxed from His assigned job of attending to the material needs of man. In order to appease to the need and taste of God, nature has designed the valley of God for absolute serenity, majestic hills with abundance of Pine and Deodar forest, Apple Orchard and by Beas River.

Kullu is the capital town of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh, situated on the bank of river Beas. It is the best tourist destination that besides short-circuiting stress and strain of mundane life rejuvenates the worried life. Admirer of nature and eco-tourists can find Kullu as the right place spending their holidays under the perfect eco-tourism program. It is nature-based and ecologically sustainable. With the education of education, financial benefits are passed on o the locals.

Kullu is based at lower Himalaya, with the Raghunath Temple built during 1990. Besides enshrining Lors Rama, Jagannathi Devis also worshipped. Dussera festival during October draws visitors from thrrout the country, when one can purchase the locally woven wool shawas, blankets and sleeper.

Trekking in isolation provides ample tranquility and serenity to refresh and relax the stressed mind. Tirthan Valley, considered the Paradise of valley. An admirer of nature can get real pleasure at Tirthan valley by trekking to the waterfall, sitting by the riverside, go fishing and angling, enjoy the natural beauty and be by yourself although out.

Goddess of learning, Mahavidyas is of prime importance to visitors, firstly because she is the sibling of Lord Vishnu and invokes learning within a person. Goddess Bhubaneswari is enshrined in the Jagannathi Temple at Bekhli. She is the fifth aspect of Goddess Adishkti. The temple is built newly.

Hot springs have certain medicinal value because of the sulphur content in the water sprouting out. The Hot Springs at Manikaran has special things to offer to the visitors if they spend 2 to 3 hours there.

Religious imprints could be traced at the Parashar Lake, a three hours drive from kullu via Bhuntar and Banutara. With the hill surroundings, it exhibits some spectacular views from the top. Bijli Mahadev Temple is built at the top of a majestic hill and enshrines Lord Shiva. Amazingly architectures, the Vishno Devi temple are the abode to many deities at different levels. For visiting this temple on need to physically fit to climb up the hill and crawl into the cave for entry and exit.

Besides, there are other worth-seeing temples such as Hanogi Mata temple, Lord Ramachandra temple, Shiva temple, Sharvali temple and Raghunathjee temple.

At Nirmand, one can find the sage Parshurama, in a mediating pose. The place is known as Parsuram Kothi. It has evidences of Harappan civilization During the travel outside, one gets time and opportunity to come closer to God, and amidst the serenity in a natural environment, the search for God becomes more spiritual-based that provides an spiritual view of ‘Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.