Kodaikanal – A Natural Soother

‘We need the tonic of wildness..we can never have enough of nature” says Henry David Thoreau. Yes, we really cannot have enough of nature in the hassle and tussle in our day to day life. In fact, every busy person longs to go away from the “maddening crowd”. There are people who long to go away from the “Scorching Heat”. And the best choice for such persons, seeking for a soothing environment, is a well planned ‘Holiday Stay’ at the most-visited hill station, Kodaikanal.

The rarest of the rare occasion and the one-time event in a man’s life is ‘Honeymoon’. It can be best enjoyed farthest away from friends and relatives. It requires an environment of isolation, serenity, ‘no interference’, privacy, exclusiveness and absolute freedom. And if it is a place higher up in a hill, your romantic feelings will reach the highest point with your spouse so intimately closer to you. And if you are lucky, you can enjoy the aroma of the most sought after flower the “Kurinji” that blooms once in twelve years, in Kodaikanal.

‘Princess of Hill Stations’, as it is fondly called, Kodaikanal is the brain child of the British who established this hill station in 1845, their summer resort, for getting respite from the scorching sun of the plains. One can witness the real wildness of nature at Kodikanal, with abundant bio-diversity, the glimmering waterfall, cooling down the surroundings and the outstretched lake inviting you for cold dip in for refreshing yourself from the dryness and monotony of the mundane life.

Standing at a height of 1500 meters and looking at the landscaping view below may sound suicidal, but thrills a person, just as any act of adventure excites and delights. You can experience this great feeling, at the Green Valley View that was earlier christened as ‘Suicide Point’, because of the virtual effect associated with it. If chanced, you may behold a ‘solitary reaper’ in the valley.

When water falls from great heights, the sun beam looks like dancing with silver colored dancing suit. One can enjoy this transcending natural view at the water fall named Silver Cascade. This along with another water fall Bear Shola Falls give birth to the ‘brook” and the river, that ‘go on forever’. While enjoying scenic beauty of these waterfalls, one can stroll across a reserve forest and may chance to see the faunal wilderness in its natural environment.

Kodaikana has great attractions for those who have special affinity for festivities and carnival. A nine day carnival organized by Mother Salette Church, during August, heightens the pleasure of holidaying, particularly with self-engaging events like boat races, flower and fruit exhibitions.

Kodaikanal welcomes visitors throughout the year, because of its amenable climate. But, the best time to get the feel respite from the ‘scorching sun’ is during April to June.

During the sojourn at Kodaikanal, an admirer of nature will find himself playing, roaming and enjoying in the soothing lap of mother nature and will ‘find a home away from’. Kodaikanal gives a life time treasure of pleasure with abundance of nature and a tonic to revitalize your fervor.