Kasauli – The Perfect Destination for Enjoying Leisure

Leisure does not mean ‘doing nothing. Rather, it is an opportunity to be off from one’s professional assignment and personal responsibilities. J.B. Priestly has rightly pointed out that a fool can be fussy and can rid himself of all energy all over the place, but a prudent man must have something within him before settling down to do nothing. In this age of consumerism, man is so engrossed in the quest of his materialistic needs that he hardly has leisure to look into his inner self.

In the present day scenario of stiff competition in every aspect of life, putting the right endeavor at the right time is most important. For this, one has to get relief from stress and strain caused in the routine professional and personal life and rejuvenate oneself. One has to snatch the ’leisure’ away from the routine life and make the best utilization of the same just as other economic management. Kasuli, a charismatic hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination for making the best utilization of leisure.

Lord Hanuman, the most ardent devotee of Lord Rama is worshipped as the provider of energy and ‘Eradicator of dangers and problems’; Sankata Nashaka. Myth has it that, Lord Hanuman had visited the highest point of Kausali that lies at a distance of 3.2 km from the main city of Kasauli. This point is known as Monkey Point where a Hanuman temple is constructed. Reaching to this point by walking on foot serves the dual purpose of getting the holy bliss of Lord Hanuman and having a spectacle of the panoramic view of the nature.

Travelling over the cable car is the most thrilling but the safest journey to enjoy the natural sceneries wooded hills in Kasauli. It is a rare opportunity, unavailable elsewhere and every tourist makes it a point to experience the excitement of flying over the sky, not in any aircraft but in a car operated by cable. Curious eyes could penetrate into the deepest presence of flora and fauna in this hill station.

Being patronized by the British, Kasauli is rich with Victorian mansions and the touch of English in its environment, culture and religious practice. The Anglican Church stands witness to this. Its Gothic arches and spires hold the aesthetic eyes of the tourists for quite some time. Tourists can pay visit to the Military School and Barracks at Dagshai. Khetarpal Marg goes with the local stories that footsteps of ghost are heard in a haunted house in this region, although none has experienced the same so far.

The Gilbert Trail and Sunset Point can be reached by travelling one km from Kasauli bus stand. This point gives a magnificent view of sun set. On a clear day, one can even view Chandigarh from that point. Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji is an important religious destination for Sikhs who can also visit another Gurudwara on the Kasauli-Mashorba Road near the Airforce Radar Station.

Of all the means available for spending leisure , paying a visit to the hill station at Kasauli is the best one should resort to.