Kanyakumari – The Citadel of Virgin Mother Goddes

Shakti is the primeval source of energy to the entire creation. The masculine aspect being Shiva, Shakti is the feminine aspect of energy which is worshipped as Mother Goddess or Mother Divine. Parvati is the divine consort of Lord Shiva. A divine personage Kanya Kumari or the ‘virgin daughter’ is the incarnation or avtar of Parvati. A divine knot was to be tied between Kanya Kumari and Lord Shiva, but the divine groom did not turn up. The bride remained an eternal virgin and is enshrined at the southernmost tip of India, known as Kanaykumari.

Just as any one feels it a social responsibility in participating in a wedding ceremony, it is considered a religious responsibility to visit Kanyakumari and experience as a part of the unperformed ‘Divine Wedding’ by paying prayer to the ‘Virgin Mother Goddess’. The rice cooked for the divine wedding feast not being consumed; still lie on the shore as stones and pebbles that look like the grain of rice.

Kanyakumari has special attractions for the tourists because of its geographical location and religious significance. It is the confluence of three largest water bodies namely the Bay of Bengal, the Mansar Gulf and the Indian Ocean. There are two Shakti Peethas, namely Bhagabathy Temple and Shuchindram Temple that enshrine Mother Goddess as a child. Baalaambika is the deity of the Bahgabathy Temple.

Pilgrims come here come to Kanya Kumari for performing a number of rituals like the Pitru Tarpan by performing ablution in the holy water of the sea. Brahmaacharya or pursuing of celibacy is considered the most sacred life as per Hinduism. The deity being a Sanyasin, those intending for pursuing a life of Sanyas seek for the holy blessing of Kanykumari. Being directed by his Guru, Rama Krushna Parama Hansa, Swami Vivekananda took deekshya or teachings from this temple.

Kanyakumari also has recognition for abundance of medicinal herbs that has the legend of sage Agasthva, the founder of Siddha Vyadya. Tourists pay visit to a small village called Agastheeswaram where lies a small Ashram in midst of the Maruthuvazh Malai Hill. Varma Kalai, the oldest martial art in the world has special attraction to offer to the tourists.

The Thiruvalluvar statue standing 133 feet tall is an astounding spectacle for tourists. Crossing a river through a wooden or concrete bridge is a normal experience. But crossing the river Pahrali over the Mathur Hanging Trough is n exciting experience for tourists visiting Kanyakumari. Padmanbhapuram Palace stands testimony to the magnificence and diverse cultural heritage of India. Udayagiri Fort and Vattakottai Fort showcase the military strategy of the princely rulers of India.

Going 500 meters off the island, visitors to Kanyakumaari reach to another island where the Vivekananda Rock Memorial stands on top of two rocks, adjoining a fort. Visitors can enjoy the abundance of nature at the Courtallam Falls and Olakaruvi Falls.

A visit to Kanya Kumari is the best mean of reenergizing body and mind with the holy bliss of the virgin Mother Goddess.