Kanpur – The Hub of Technical Education in India

Education, as outlined by Jawaharlal Nehru, chiefly as two aspects, the cultural aspect that makes a person grow and productive aspect that makes a person to do things. Both are equally important in the present day scenario of stiff competition in the job market. Technical skill is highly essential for pursuing a remunerative profession. The quality of technical training of mind and faculty depends upon the institutes in which education was pursued. Kanpur, the fifth largest city of India, attracts tourists to visit a number of prominent technical institutions.

Anyone having interest in engineering studies will feel privileged to visit the campus of Indian Institute o Technology (IIT), Kanpur. Besides, other technical institutes at Kanpur are CSIM University, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute HBIT), University Institute of Engineering and technology, GSVM Medical College and Ambedkar Institute of Technology.

Kanpur harbors mythological and religious significance too. It is located on the river Ganga, which according to the Hindu mythology had her heavenly abode, inside the nail of Lord Vishnu. Sixty thousand sons of king Sagara were burnt to ash with the curse of Sage Kapila Muni. King Bhagiratha, the 4th generation successor of Sagara prayed Lord Vishnu who allowed Ganga to go to the earth, by falling onto the netted hair of Lord Shiva and making alive, the 60,000 sons of Sagara. A visit to Kanpur is thus sanctified by putting a holy dip in the Ganga.

Temples and mosques at Kanpur draw equal attractions of visitors of both the religions. Shri Radha Krishna Temple showcases magnificence of art and architecture besides facilitating darshan of a number of deities such as Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, and Hanuman. Added to all these, visitors can find before them the battle and other sense of Mahabharata in the shape of murals. Jama Masjid at Patkapur, Habiba Majid, at Iqbal Campus, 17 km from Kanpur and JK Masjid are holy places for offering prayer.

Allen Forest Zoo in Kanpur has special attraction for tourists. Unlike other zoos, this zoo is developed in a natural forest environment, giving an experience of witnessing wild life in any reserve forest or in a national park. Picnickers can choose to go to Gautam Buddha Park, on their way to IIT Kanpur or they may enjoy boating in the reservoir of the Ganga Barrage near Old Kanpur.

Kanpur has monumental testimony of sacrifice and courage of the participants to the Indian Mutiny War of 1857. Nana Rao Park is the site where the infamous Cawnpore massacre was undertaken by the British. The statue of the great leader of the rebels, Tantya Tope stands mute witness to the extra-ordinary courage and valor.

Other places of tourists’ interest in Kanpur are Museums Kanpur Sangrahalaya and Kamala Retreat, Gora Cemetery, Kanpur Memorial Church, Z Square Mall, ISKON Temple and amusement parks like Mickey House, Sports village, and Ekta Park.

Those having archeological interest can pay visit to Jajmau where the excavations shows antiques and remnants of city dating back to 600 BC.

With all these attractions, Kanpur as a tourist destinations stands at the forefront to carter to the needs of domestic as well as international visitors.