Jog Falls – Water at Heights of Beauty

When frozen, it stretches into continents; when molten, it cascades down as springs and rivers; when salted, it blends with mighty oceans; sand when drunk, it is the elixir of life. Water, as a constituent of ‘Pancha Bhuta’; the other four being, air, fire, earth and sky, has been nurturing human civilization since the first man came into existence. While ordinary men would limit water to its rudimentary function of quenching thirst and washing their soiled bodies and linens, those with aesthetic bent of mind would like to see beauty in the heights of Jog Falls.

Jog Falls, aliased Joger Gerosoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi is a fragmented water fall and is located 30 km away from Sagara and 100 km away from Shimoga City in Karnataka. It is considered the second highest plunge waterfall, with the river Sharavati plunging from a height of 829 feet, divided into four silvery cascades named Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. One has to travel 379 km from Bangalore to reach enjoy the beauty at its heights. One can avail private vehicle to reach Shimoga and Sagar by travelling on NH206.

The unique tourist attraction of Jog Falls is that, instead of streaming down the rocks in a tiered manner, water plunges down the slope without contacting the rocks. The downward meeting of the four falls is indeed keeps the tourists amazed. First, Raja falls and Roarer, emerging halfway down, meets Raja at an angle of 45 degree. Going still downwards, Rocket, with series of jets meets it and lastly, the foaming Rani meets the main Jog Falls to flow down as the river Sharavati. One can have the best picture of all the four falls from the Bombay Bungalow or Watkin’s platform.

The real charm of Jog Falls could be best enjoyed if visited during the monsoon when it is at its full fledge. 3.4 million liters of water falling down a height of 829 feet and the vapor surrounding the fall makes a lot of adrenalin to flow for the onlookers. From the view point, tourist

Those visiting Jog Falls can avail the opportunity of witnessing the oldest dam named Lingamakki Dam or Mahatma Gandhi Hydro Electric Project constructed over the river Sharavti in the year 1948. It generates 120 MW of electricity. Visitors find ideal places for picnicking in the region of the dam.

Tourists visiting Jog Falls can buy the opportunity of sojourning at the nearby township named Sgara, located in the North Karnataka. Keladi and Ikkeri, lying nearer to Sagara draw attraction of tourists because of the historical and religious significance. An old Shiva temple at Keladi has ancient manuscripts that have special attraction for the tourists. Mahaganpati Temple is a place of pilgrimage. During Shiva Ratri, large number of devotees assembles at the old Shiva temples at Ikkeri and Kalaski.

At Jog Falls, one can find water at its roughest form of crashing over the rock in roaring sound and yet giving a panoramic view of vertical confluence of the four springs along with facility to come down covering 1400 steps