Goa – The Destination for Festivals, Dance, Song and Music

Dance, song and instrumental music are known as ‘Samgita’ or Music. Adjustment of mind is essential in the pursuit of objective life otherwise mind gets irritated and degenerates. The rhythm, melody and feeling or ‘bhava’ of the song produce waves that straighten the mental waves and touch the point of the soul. Playing of Musical instruments or the ‘Vadya’ vibrates the mind and the ectoplasm. Occidental dance, with rhythm, gesture and movement excites and thrills the viewers. Various festivals of Goa provide opportunities for experiencing ‘Samgita’.

The Sunburn Festival
Is a mega entertainment event in Goa that has been conducted every year, since 2007. It is an Electronic Music Show held over a period of three days. Musical artists of national and international repute, belonging to all genres of music keep the audience enthralled with their live performance. The festival is held at Candolim Beach with arrangement of multiple stages. Besides attending beach parties, audiences can pick up their favorite group of artists and enjoy to their hearts’ content.

The Goa Heritage Festival is a joint venture of the NGO, Goa Heritage Action Group, the Panaji City Corporation and the Department of Tourism in Goa. It is held every year in mid-November, in and around the old heritage buildings of the Panaji city. The festival has the prime objective of showcasing of culture and heritage of Goa through exhibits of artisans and cultural concerts. Artists, weavers, potters, coppersmiths and silversmiths of Goa participate in the festival. Visitors get the opportunity of participating in academic discussions and witnessing ethnic folk dances and music. Besides, one can have the flavor of Goa’s traditional cuisine.

Goa Carnival
Is the chief attraction for vacationers who intend to make the best utilization of every moment of their stay at Goa. The carnival is celebrated for three days before the Lent, in the mid of February and March every year. Started 500 years back by the Portuguese, the carnival has hedonistic elements such as colorful procession, lively parades, and exotic dance soul appealing music. It is indeed hilarious for the visitors to observe a person attired strikingly and portraying himself as King Morno, also known as King of Chaos and presiding over the whole event. To add to this bizarre spectacle, people will be seen dressed in war uniform and staging artificial war. Besides, visitors can enjoy Fat Saturday Dine and Dance in Varca in South Goa.

The best of all occasions to enjoy in Goa are Christmas, followed by New Year. The very entity of Goa comes to a frenzy mood during these two occasions and tourists who visit Goa during this period get soaked in the mood of enjoyment and religious participation. The masses held in churches of Goa during Christmas are one the best in the world. The entire atmosphere of Goa is filled with carols and prayers. Shopping and spending relaxed time on the sun and sand of the sea beaches are the other opportunities that the tourists would like to avail.

Those who intend to get the real charm of participating and enjoying the festive occasions, Goa is the perfect destination for them.