Dharamshala – The Synonym for Buddhism in India

Kings come and go, but very few are remembered despite their deliberate efforts to build great monuments so as to be remembered by the posterity. But one such Indian king Siddhartha is remembered not only in India but is worshipped in a number of other countries such as China, Japan, Srilanka, Myanmar and Tibet. He is none other than the harbinger of peace to mankind, Buddha. He realized the realities of life and got ‘enlightenment’ to show the path of real happiness or Sukha-Shanti.

Sensual pleasure does not give perpetual happiness. On the contrary, enlightenment gives peace of mind which in turn ends suffering and frustration. For getting relief from queasiness and frustration, Buddha laid down the 8-fold path of righteous thoughts and actions. He said that one who is wise, virtuous, unselfish, and generous, liberal hospitable and impartial gets the true honor as a human being. One such person is the Tibetan Charismatic leader, Dalai Lama who has made Dharmasala in the Kangra valley, his abode to have the Tibetan government in exile.

Dharmasala is a vibrant city, located amidst the natural ambience of the exquisite Dhauladhar Mountains, with a majority Tibetan populace. Those in search of an environment of tranquility, serenity and solitude find this peaceful city as the most ideal destinations. The Buddhist Viharas or Gompas exhibiting the cultural values and Tibetan architecture provide the true peace of mind that has a long term effect on visitors for enabling to lead a revitalized life.

Dharmasala has diverse attraction to offer to visitors who make the best of their tour by visiting Bhagsu Falls, Dal Lake, Namgval Monastery, Kangra Art Museum, Triund, Tsuglagkhang, Kangra Fort, Kareri Lake and Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple. The Tibetan traditions, arts and cultures can be best understood by spending few hours in the Kangra Art Museum.

The Kangra Fort could be reached by travelling 20 km from Dhrmasala or 3 km from Kangra. It is the most ancient fort that finds place in the war records of Alexander, the great of the 4th century B.C. The rich heritage of Tibetan culture could be studied from the Tibetan manuscripts available in the Tibetan Library, located at Gangchen Kyshong Complex, 3 km away from Dharmasala, on the way to Mcleodganj. The deeds of valor and sacrifice of the great war heroes could be witnessed at the War Memorial.

Admirers of adventure get attracted to Hanuman-Kaa-Tibba, also known as ‘White Mountain’, because it affords challenging opportunities of trekking on the Dhauldhar ranges of mountains. This is situated right in front McLeodganj which is the highest point in the range. Trekking to Kareri Lake, 9 km from Dharmasala too is challeinging and exciting experience for the visitors. Visitors will be elated to have picnic at Neugal Khad, 2 spot 2 km away from Dharmasala.

Buddha said, man is the architect and builder of his own destiny. Times and situations are constantly changing and everything is transitory. Man gets so engrossed that he misses to realize the reality of life that leads to feeling of uneasiness, anxiousness and frustration. A planned trip to Dharmasala is the best remedy for such insecure feelings.