Dehradun – The Abode of eternal Teacher, Drona

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It has aptly been said by Henry Brooks Adams that a teacher affects eternity; further adding that the teacher can never tell where his influence stops. The ‘guru’ or the teacher refers to a person who is bestowed with the phenomenal potential of taking his ‘shishya’ beyond his present knowledge, and brings about a physical, spiritual and intellectual transformation in the ‘shishya’. Guru is not a physical being, but an incarnation of all energies and skill. Dehradun, the abode of Drona, the Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas, stand evidence to this phenomenon.

With this mythological backdrop of the Mahabharata, Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, attracts tourists for its abundance of nature, destination for religious visits mainly chardham yatra and spots for amusement and picnicking. The very location of Dehradun amidst the natural grandeur of Himalayas has made it the most preferred destination for vacationers, nature lovers and adventure admirers.

Guru Drona was considered the eternal teacher of warfare and military strategy. The Military Academy at Dehradun upholds this mythological significance. Visitors can witness a display of the most modern artilleries and sophisticated ammunition at the Chetwoode Hall adjoining the Academy. The place is also known for imparting knowledge on information technology and other steams o education. There are a number of boarding schools and hostels to facilitate residential learning process, just as the ‘Gurukul’ concept.

Another training institute in Dehradun is the Forest Research Institute that focuses on research and other activities associated with forest. The Zonal Museum, situated on the Haridwar Road, this museum is dedicated to the collection, development and sustainability of mankind on the earth.

The first attraction for tourists to Dehradun is the Clock Tower, exhibiting the unique hexagonal structure and aesthetic significance. It is but natural to avoid coming nearer to a robber, but tourists find it a must to visit the Robber’s Cave for a comfortable and pleasurable sojourning. This tourist destination, also known as Guchhipani or Guchupani, is the citadel of beauty and adventure.

A waterfall is the birth place of river and attracts tourist attraction for its vibrant ambience and natural abundance. The gorgeous sound of the waterfall is followed by the murmuring sound of the ‘brook’ that ‘goes on forever’ to meet the ‘brimming river’. Tourists visiting Dehradun can behold the natural phenomenon of ’Shastradhara’ waterfall or the ‘Thousand fold spring’. The sulphur content of its water has medicinal value.

Tourists with religious interest can visit Tapkeswar, a famous cave Temple at Dehradun, the holy abode of Lord Shiva, also known as Ashutosha for being easily appeased by his devotees by putting water or milk on his ‘lingam’. It would be amazing to watch water droplets from the rocks of the cave onto the Shiva Linga. A small rivulet penetrates into the cave and facilitates this natural appeasement of Lord Shiva.

In the battle o Mahabharata, Guru Drona fought against the Pandavas, the insignia of ‘righteousness’ and for that, underwent penance at a place known as Tapovan, on the bank of sacred river the Ganga Tourists visit this place at Dehradun as a mark of tribute to the great eternal teacher, Drona.

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