Chandigarh – The Capital Complex Created by Corbusier

Creating or making out something innovative involves the process of planning which is ‘thinking ahead of doing’. With the rapid industrialization and increase in population, the social, economic, sanitary and environmental conditions of urban habitation call for ‘urban planning’. This would provide more convenient, equitable, beautiful, healthful, effective and attractive places for the present as well as the future generation. Chandigarh, the capital complex of two states, Punjab and Haryana is the outcome of an innovative creation of Corbusier, a French architect.

Chandigarh is the first planned city of India and a ‘dream land’ of Pt Nehru, the architect of post-independent India. Only by visiting Chandigarh, one can be convinced that a city also can become famous as ‘beautiful’. The Rose Garden, the Rock Garden and the calm and peaceful environment of Chandigarh stand evidence to its beauty, elegance and magnificence.

The master plan of Chandigarh has divided the city into sectors which are rectangular modules having population range of 5,000 to 20,000. Provision common facilities like shopping complexes, schools, health centre, places of entertainment and places of worship has enriched the welfare and life-style of the citizens. Any visitor to Chandigarh would be deeply impressed with overall ambience of the city.

Admirers of sports have many things of heir interest at Chandigarh, such as a 12 kilo meter long track for hosting the Bicycle Safari and other bicycle race events. Mohali is a known name to cricket lovers who would be greatly elated to have a look at the Stadium of Punjab Cricket Association at the outskirt of Chandigarh. The Chandigarh Golf Open Championship is yet another attraction for admirers of sports.

Movie lovers, visiting Chandigarh would be excited to see the locations where movies like ‘Jab We Met’ and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro were shot.

Chandigarh Carnival
It is a three-day long festival that any enthusiastic tourist would like to take part in. It is celebrated during November every year at the Leisure Valley in Sector 10. Various cultural events including dancing, singing, caricaturing etc keep the visitors so engrossed that they would hardly know how three days passed off. Baisakhi festival, celebrated on 13th January every year marks the commencement of the harvesting season. Teej festival falls in the first week of August.

Leisure Valley
In Chandigarh truly justifies its name by providing to tourists, through a virtual garland of gardens that stretch from sector 1 to sector 23. Walking, jogging, meditating and Yoga could be best performed in the leisurely ambience of ‘Leisure Valley’. Rock garden is an open air exhibition having exhibits made of industrial and domestic waste.

Suhna Lake
In Chandigarh is an ideal destination for picnickers who can also pursue water sports like boating and yachting. The city museum exhibits various stages and processes of planning and architectural designs that brought the development of Chandigarh. International Doll museum and Evolution of Life Museum are great eye catchers of visitors.

Chandigarh stands as a testimony to the fact that ‘good planning’ makes things perfect and beautiful and makes human life more comfortable, pleasurable and sustainable.