Andaman and Nicobar – Pleasure Islands Away from Homeland

Life is indeed a drudgery of routine. During man’s pursuit of routine life, pleasure and happiness for him become oblivious. It is a mockery that all that a man does have the sole objective of getting pleasure and happiness for himself or for his closer ones. But, like a mirage, pleasure runs away farther away from him and hides itself in some far away secluded, isolated, desolate and cloistered place. For finding pleasure away from one’s homeland, a visit to the chains of islands in Andaman and Nicobar is an essential need.

A large group of about 600 islands awaits pleasure-seeking tourists, amidst the Bay of Bengal, closer to Thailand and Myanmar. There are a number of tourist destinations stretching over 500 km in length. Andaman lies on the North and the Nicobar on the south. The main island is known as Great Andaman, divided further to three regions known as North Andaman, Middle Andaman and South Andaman, with Port Blair as its capital.

Any tourist will be urged upon to first visit the Cellular Jail National Memorial where great nationalist leaders of India were jailed here as the punishment, better known as’ Kaala Paani’. It took 18 years for the British to construct the original seven wings of this secluded jail that consisted of 698 cells. While passing through these abandoned cells, visitors can visualize how the Indian Freedom fighters exchanged books, ideas and debates, despite the barriers of walls and wardens.

The ruins of Victorian English could be sighted at Ross Island which was earlier known as the Paris of the East. It is a half-day trip from Port Blair. While at Port Blair, tourists can pay a visit to the Museum to witness portrait of the tribal communities. Those having interest in wood products can walk over a road bridge to reach Chatham Island and find a forest museum there which showcases locally grown woods and timbers.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a must to be visited location that lies 29km southwest of Port Blair, in a village named Wandoor. This park covers 280 square kilometers and comprises 15 islands of mangrove creeks, tropical rainforests 50 categories of coral reefs. This marine park is connected to tiny islands named Jelly Buoy and Red Skin.

The Science Museum in Port Blair, run by the India Army has exhibits that give a vivid picture about the ecosystem, tribal communities, flora and fauna and marine life of the island. Tourists, particularly the children will be amazed to see Nicobar pigeons, the Andaman pigs and the cab-eating macaque, at the Mini-Zoo of Port Blair.

A boat trip to Viper Island takes tourists to witness the remains of the ochre-colored brick jail and gallows built by the British in 1867.

Those who intend to ‘fall in love with nature’ can pay a visit to Mount Harriet National Park that can be ferried from Port Blair within 20 to 25 minutes.

Kaala Pathar Beach, Neil Island Beach, Elephanta Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Aberdeen Bazar, Bomboflat are other important locations of tourist interest.

Pleasure comes through emotional involvement in the act of doing something. A visit to Andaman and Nicobar gives this opportunity of emotional involvement.