Ahmedabad – The Manchester of the East.

Manchester in England is renowned for textile industry. Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat developed for its textile industry and hence got recognition as the Manchester of the East. It is second only to Mumbai with regard to economic growth and status. Tourists from every part of the world visit Ahmedabad to pay tribute to the ‘maker of peace and satyagraha’ Mahatma Gandhi at the legendary Sabarmati Ashram.

The cross-religious and cross-cultural environment of Ahmedabad has made it a hot spot for tourists of diverse interest.

Gandhi Ashram is the centre of attraction of all tourists. Founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1915, otherwise known as Satyagraha Ashram stretches on the Sabarmati Ashram. The environment of serenity and tranquility surrounding the Ashram remind visitors of the famous Dandi March to protest against the Salt tax. A handicraft centre, a handmade paper factory and a spinning wheel factory stand as part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘dream come true’ of self-sufficiency.

Sidi Sayed Mosque has semicircular windows that are fitted with exquisite screens the screen has been carve out of single lick and therefore perfect workmanship. Muslim architecture has exhibited Jamma Mashid that was built out of yellow stone .The use of 260 pillars exemplify the symmetry used by the architecture. The Masjid was built by Ahamad Sah in 1423 and reflects the Muslim Architecture of that period.

The Hjulta MInara has unusual structural and mechanical feature. The swaying Machines are a part of mosque or of Siddi Bashir. Because of the mystery associated with it a part of the minaret was demolished. Unravel the mystery of its swinging. The mechanism of swinging is still a mystery. Tourists find it interesting the crucial mechanism that cause vibration still remains a mystery.

Caloco Textile Museum has magnificent collection of rare textiles related to the 17th century Tourists can avail the facilities of reference libraries. It is located in Sarabhai Foundation in Sashibagh. Besides textiles and clothes, the museum exhibits furniture, temple art craft, and crafts in the country. There is also collection of marbles, sandstone, bronze icons and busts splits.

Business Management and Legal educations have strongest root at Ahmedabad attracting students all over the world to study at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Gujarat National Law University (GNU). National Institute of Design, India’s Premier Design Institute has over 16 disciplines of designs.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum showcases a wide range of India miniature paintings, stone sculpture metal sculpture, painting of Tagore bronzes, woodwork, textile and coins. The Vichar Utensil Museum showcases about 1000 household utensil.

Ahmedabad has special attractions for tourists during various festive occasions. Diwali,the festival if light and sweets are celebrated in Ahmedabad with much pump and grandeur. Makara Snkranti marks the end of winter and the advent of the sun to the northern hemisphere. The festival of kites or Uttarayan reminds the tourists about the playful activity of the adolescence or prime of the tourists. Raksha Bandhan strengthens the sibling bondage Holi and Navratri too attract many tourists to India.

Bird watchers visit Thol Bird Sanctuary, 30 km away from Ahmedabad November to Marh is the best place to visit.