Feelings only a Doonite can Experience

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Easeyourtravel Dehradun

“Tum bhi chalo hum bhi chale ..chalti rahe zindagi”. You are unstoppable ,I’m unstoppable. Hail! College life. The best phase where freedom is full of joy, thrill and excitement. So, why to kill yourself by just burdening and being a ‘stuck up’ to a confined coursework. Get the explorer out of yourself and if you are a doonite then you may consider yourself as a free customer gifted with a lifetime free pizza delivery with extra cheese toppings.

So here are few day to day stories of a dehradun college students.

1) Momo’s freak !!

Momo in Dehradun
The city has also its class in terms of Food and the Menu starts with wide range of Momos and Chowmein which is no more a Chinese food for Doonites though we have our own versions of momos too like Tandoori Momos, Achari Momos & Momos chaat, there’s no particular place where a doonite college student might plan to bunk to have food. They just need to stop at a restaurant and they find ultimate happiness in those mouth watering momos worth Rs.30, because dude money matters!!

2) “Full tashan Gehdi”

Dehradun Travel Diaries
During our college life everyone wishes to be free and enjoy every bit by little showing off and flaunting that ‘Cool college gang” with sleeves and collar up attitude. And guess fully fledged ” Tashan vali Gehdi” is not a bad idea. And you are a killer if you owns a Two Wheeler. Rs 100 are more than enough for you to take a world class tour of the city and its surroundings, blinking a think cloud over your head? Okay let us help you. You can roam to Mussoorie, George Everest, Char Dukan, FRI, Rishikesh, Shikhar Falls, Tapkeswar Temple, Mindrolling Monastery, Songsten Library, Sahastradhara, Maggi Point, Shiv Mandir and much more…

3) George Everest – Mussoorie

George Everest Mussoorie
The Lonavala for a Doonite, a place surrounded with picturesque mountains, serene atmosphere. Damn! This would be a heaven on earth. Every college student’s first choice for a Dil Chahta hai Pose with buddies. Rushing on Activas, bikes to freshen up oneself one must visit this place.

4) An Outing to Mussoorie can never be outdated

Mall Road Mussoorie
You Free ?? Let’s go Mussoorie. What Snowfall?? Okay let’s go Mussoorie. Feeling Bored??? Let’s go Mussoorie. That’s a normal statement every doonite would make for an outing. We love to make excuses for it. Nothing’s better than an outing to Mussoorie where one could make memories and have fun in even short span of time.

5) “Life at its best… when enjoyed with friends”

dehradun collage friends
No place can make you feel up without your best friends circle. You never bothered of any place for that useless funny argument, Effortless jokes and endless laughter’s and of course that flat faced Groupfies.


I hope that would be enough to sum up what we college students usually do. So feel up because this time is precious. Hold on and add a little spark. And you’re done.

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